This past weekend was Star Wars day – May the Fourth – and Doom is celebrating it the entire month of May with what it is calling “Mars Wars”.

Mars Wars is an event tied to the recently created Slayers Club – a kind of rewards programme where members (signup is free) can earn Slayer Points which level up their account.

These points help members reach tiers which unlock various things, such as digital items for the upcoming Doom Eternal and coupon codes for Doom merchandise on the Besthesda store.

On top of this each member gets one entry into monthly giveaways with each 20 points on their account earning another entry. Unfortunately these giveaways aren’t available worldwide, but there are some really cool items like this custom Nintendo Switch.

Mars Wars has tasked the playerbase with completing 1.2 million levels in Doom 2016 before 31 May. Doing so will net everyone in the Slayers Club 100 points, with less points being awarded at lower tiers:

At the moment we think the tracker may be a bit bugged and may not reflect accurate numbers. Expect them to increase a lot more this week as people were probably occupied with Free Comic Book Day this weekend.

If you’re worried about the community not reaching the goal, you can fire up the game on any platform and start contributing. In April a similar challenge was issued where the goal was instead to score 30 million glory kills on enemies, and it was accomplished.

To join the Slayers Club simply go to its main page and sign in using your Bethesda account.

Aside from earning points for rewards, it seems like each of these challenges is also thematically tied to a movie and they each come with an appropriate spoof of that movie’s poster.

May’s Mars Wars is obviously a parody of Star Wars, so we get this New Hope poster and the event in April was based on Predator.