Supernatural is a popular show with relatively few 3D prints from it doing the rounds, but we’ve managed to find another in this recreation of the Demon-Killing Knife.

Rudy Hunter-Grah is the maker responsible for this project, telling us that modelling for this prop was done is two different programmes: Fusion 360 was used for the majority of the process, but Blender was also utilised to sculpt in the wood texture of the handle.

Creation of the model took between two and four hours with references being hard to come by. “Since there is not a clear shot of the one used in the show, I had to use what is visible in the show and other people’s replicas to fill in the gaps and find a common ground of what the entire knife looks like to make it as accurately as I could,” Hunter-Grah says.

Printing itself only took seven hours with the assembled prop measuring in at 19 centimetres long. A large knife sure, but a comparatively small printed blade when others are making Buster Swords and Dragon Slayers.

For finishing work a bit of sanding was needed to compensate for an uneven printer, and a superglue was needed to join thee various parts of the knife together.

Some simple acrylics finish the project, painting in the appropriate colours and adding some extra definition to the symbols on the blade.

Those looking to make their own Demon-Killing Knife can find the files available for free over on Thingiverse.

Anyone with an aversion to painting may want to consider this print of the First Blade, which was the first Supernatural prop we came across. Just make sure you stock up on off-white filament for that one.

A low detail render of the knife.
An assembled but unpainted version of the print.
The completed project with paint.

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