Don’t be alarmed by the header image above. That cutaway model of an all-electric Volkswagen Golf missing most of its major external components is for a reason, with the German carmaker using it as a working model for the design of its EVs.

It’s also an educational tool which VW is christening eGon. The car is completely drivable, but you’re not going to want to take it on the highway or indeed out for a spin when it’s raining.

Volkswagen says the eGon is designed with the intent of showing electric designers how an EV is put together, and how all of the different components function without having to rely of 3D or rendered models. As such it serves as a real-world tangible model for the development of EVs.

“Projects like this encourage motivation among the vocational trainees and are great fun at the same time. They not only transfer training content, they also encourage trainees to take a high level of responsibility, to show initiative and to create something tangible of their own that they can be truly proud of,” enthused Christoph Görtz, head of Vocational Training at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg.

Speaking of the different components, VW has littered the eGon with a bunch of QR codes which when scanned will reveal more information about the vehicle and how it functions.

As for when aspiring designers will be able to see the eGon in action, the stripped down EV is set to debut to the public at the youth-focused IdeenExpo in Hannover, Germany from 15th to 23rd June.

There the company is hoping to inspire a few would-be car designers, especially when it comes to the potential for electric vehicles, which is a key pillar for VW and several other carmakers in the coming years.

Unfortunately Volkswagen does not mention whether the eGon, or other stripped down EVs will be on show in other parts of the globe moving forward.