In recent months Google has been pushing its YouTube Music platform as the company looks to make it a far more viable replacement for their Google Play offering.

To that end 9to5Google discovered a significant change to YouTube Music, with the Android version of the app now facilitating locally stored music on a given device.

More specifically the music stored in the ‘device files’ section of your smartphone or tablet are now supported, with Engadget noting that it should play many if not all the songs found there. As such it offers an improved experience for users who could not find a particular song on the YouTube Music platform, despite having it in some format, like CD or MP4 for example.

While this addition is welcome, it should also be pointed out that this iteration of YouTube Music on Android does not allow for the creation of playlists or queues that contain both locally stored and online songs, which is understandable for now. Furthermore some of the app’s functionality is missing, such as the like / unlike button and playback controls, when playing the aforementioned locally stored songs.

Hopefully the app gets a patch soon, as being able to curate both sets of music into one playlist or queue is the end goal in our opinion.

Rolling out to Android users in the coming weeks, it remains to be seen when the iOS version of YouTube Music will be able to do the same.