Despite some early troubles this morning FlySafair’s Jive for R5 sale has been a swinging success.

Shortly after the site became inaccessible this morning FlySafair made the decision to pause the sale to solve server issues.

This was perhaps the best decision the airline made all morning because since starting the sale over the issues have been minimal at best.

Of course, not everybody who has been in the waiting room is able to get tickets but FlySafair did make this known yesterday and in the waiting room itself.

“You’re in our waiting room. Every 5 minutes the site will randomly select a group of customers to gain access to buy tickets. Keep your eye on the clock above, and check out our competitions below while you wait,” reads the website.

Over on Twitter, the brand has done a fantastic job of keeping followers up-to-date with regards to which flights are available.

So then, despite the issues early this morning we’re calling this sale a success. For the first time we’re seeing more joy than woe as a result of this sale.

Of course not everybody is happy about this system which is something we expected.

With that having been said however, it is high-time that local companies who intend to host sales prepare for the rush of traffic that hits their websites.

This happens every year when this sale goes live and again on other websites during Black Friday.

Ignoring the fact that more South Africans coming online every year is folly and perhaps local online retailers need to cotton on to that fact.