The Mega Man series continues to be a constant inspiration in the maker community with the latest project to come out of this being a recreation of the Eddie robot.

Søren Berg Pedersen is the person behind this project, telling us that Eddie was decided upon after coming across an unfinished sculpt of the character from 2008.

Using Maya Eddie was completely remodelled over the course of about a week’s worth of free time in the evenings.

As this character is meant to transport items with a hinged top, this was to be included in the print and proved to be a problem here. “The biggest challenge was finding the right scale and shape of the hinges so that they could snap into each other without the use of extra glue or anything, as well as finding his proper size,” Pedersen says.

Printing in a white PLA took around eight hours, including supports for the top lid and the main body. Assembled, the print stands about nine or ten centimetres tall, depending on how you measure it.

While this was always designed to be a smaller desk toy, this did bring up some issues. Aside from having less space on the inside to hold items, the thin tube legs had to be thickened (when compared to official art of the character) to prevent any breakages.

For finishing work the raw plastic was cleaned up and a layer of filler spray was added to mask the striations between layers. An epoxy filler followed this to reach parts which the spray could not.

After some sanding spray paint was used to apply a black base coat and the main red colour was added by way of airbrush. To paint in the eyes the body was masked and the whites were accomplished with a glossy white spray.

The final detail colours were hand painted. The eyes received yet more attention here as some contours were done to make them pop out a bit more.

To make your own Eddie grab the files from Thingiverse which are available for free.

You can see the final version of this project in the gallery below along with an E Tank. Those Thingiverse files have several versions of this E Tank with some made to hold SD cards and another for Nintendo Switch cartridges. Pedersen does warn that those last two versions haven’t been tested for a proper fit as yet, so be cautious should you chose to go that route.

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