With less than 24 hours before the country casts its vote in the 2019 national elections, the rumored strike of Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) permanent workers belonging to the National Education, Health and Allied Workers Union (Nehawu) has been halted as an agreement was reached by the two parties.

According to EWN, workers of the IEC threatened not to report for duty on 8th May due to issues that Nehawu has been fighting with the IEC over for three years, such as higher salaries, discrepancies and victimisation by IEC management in pay structure.

“The issue of no voting taking place, im not aware of that, as far as the issues that are on the table, we think they are a matter that should be able to be resolved without necessarily resorting to prohibited conduct,” explained IEC chairperson, Glen Mashinini.

The publication adds that the IEC chairperson Glen Mashini and CEO Sy Mamabolo were locked in negotiations with Nehawu, and reached an agreement two days after the negotiations started.

“Both issues will be dealt with the next day by the team. Elections will go ahead on Wednesday and our members will be there. We will double our efforts to ensure that the elections are free and fair and that everything runs smoothly,” said Nehawu spokesperson, Khaya Xaba.

[Source – EWN] [Image – CC 0 Pixabay]