If you haven’t had your fill of Avengers: Endgame stories over the past couple of weeks, we have another one, with Disney Studios confirming that the box office hit film will be streamed exclusively on Disney+ later this year.

More specifically it’s expected to be available come 11th December, which just so happens to be one month after the Disney-dedicated streaming service is set to launch.

The service is said to cost $6.99 a month, but at the time of writing we’re still no closer to knowing if it will be accessible to people residing in South Africa. Giving the popular of Disney products locally, as well as our history with Marvel movies, we’re inclined to believe it will be.

While Avengers: Endgame is certainly set to be one of the star attractions following the initial launch of Disney+, it should prove interesting to see what other types of content they push to the platform.

Yes, the Marvel films are their biggest cash cow at the moment, but let’s not forget about a little franchise called Star Wars, with the final instalment of this latest trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, hitting cinemas in December this year too.

As such we should expect to see plenty of Star Wars-themed content popping up on Disney+. We don’t have any insight into Disney’s business, but it’s clear to see that their streaming service will be used in tandem with major theatrical releases, allowing them to make plays on both the big and small screen.

In the near future then, you could be hard pressed to find any piece of content online that the house of mouse has not had a hand in.

If you were looking into some companies to buy shares in, Disney might be a very worthwhile investment.