3D Prints inspired by Apex Legends are still being pumped out by the maker community with the latest being this impressive Shield Cell replication with a bit of added functionality in a subtle lighting system.

User MakingStuff3D is to thank for this project, telling us that they angered a few players to get reference images for the modelling process.

“Unfortunately, I had to be the rude teammate that stood around doing nothing for a couple games in order for me to fully see all the details of the Shield Cell, MakingStuff3D says, “The training mode in the game doesn’t have any shield cells, so actually playing was my only option. Needless to say, I got what I needed but not without upsetting a few teammates,” the maker tells us.

With those screenshots supplemented with a useful resource from one of the game’s artists, the modelling in Fusion 360 could begin.

The total time poured into this stage of the project wasn’t tracked as it was worked on intermittently, but you can see parts of it in this video.

The time taken to print, on the other hand, was marked down at 75 hours to make a print 19 centimetres tall when assembled. You could break out the tape measure right now to get an approximation of that, but you can see what it looks like when held in the hands by seeing the gallery down below.

If you’d like to make your own Shield Cell the files to do so are available on Thingiverse. They’re handily sliced according to colour so you can avoid painting if you have the appropriate filament on hand.

As for the small lighting element it seems to be an off the shelf RGB lamp which is covered when the plunger is pushed down.

MakingStuff3D also let us know that they’re working on similar builds of the Shield Battery and Phoenix Kit, so check back soon to see those.

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