If you still haven’t gotten over the nightmare earworm that is the Baby Shark song, prepare to experience it all over again as some local artists have teamed up to make an entirely new version of it.

The first of them is The Kiffness, the South African music act who did the rounds recently for the song “Mmusi Maimane“, a parody song about the DA and its party leader.

The other artists here is Mike Scott who you may know as the creator of Moosebox, the local cartoon that was picked up by Nickelodeon and aired on Nicktoons. He’s also the man responsible for the animated music video for Goldfish’s track We Come Together.

For Baby Shark the pair have made a chiptune remix that you can listen to in the embed below:

Aside from being a catchy tune that leans on the past work of both artists, it’s also interesting to note that the pair are actually brothers.

The Kifness’ main member is David Scott, and the two sharing a last name isn’t a coincidence.

We first found this out when we spoke to Mike Scott at the first ever Comic Con Africa where some details about the yet unreleased Moosebox were shared last year.

The Baby Shark remix above is hosted on Mike Scott’s YouTube channel which we highly recommend subscribing to for more content like this as well as ongoing projects like Bru & Boegie. Similarly, subscribe to The Kiffness on the same platform.