As the second term of the 2019 academic year is about to finish, 450 school children are yet to be placed by the Western Cape Department of Education.

According to IOL News, the Department said this was due to the massive increase in pupil numbers from 16 285 to 18 285. Some of these pupils have been relocated to the province where by the placement list did not solely include pupils who have been waiting to be placed since the beginning of the academic year.

“The pupils are mainly pupils that have been in schools, but have requested admission in different areas of the province due to relocation,” said Western Cape Education spokesperson, Bronagh Hammond.

The publication adds that the Department said that over the past few years it had made it clear that they do not have the budget to meet the demands of increased pupil enrolment at schools, particularly from other provinces, as well as the replacement of schools built with inappropriate materials.

“In many relocation cases, we cannot accede to the parents requests for a specific school in the area, as many of these schools are currently full. in some cases pupils relocate to areas of demand,” added Hammond.

Furthermore the Western Cape Department of Education has vowed that each school where the 450 pupils got placed would be assisted with catch-up plans.

“There are ongoing discussions regarding the building of a new high school, while a primary school is near completion,” concluded Hammond.

[Source – IOL News] [Image – CC 0 Pixabay]