In recent years developer NetherRealm has been able to breathe new life into the Mortal Kombat franchise, with MKX and MK 11 both proving enjoyable entries. Those titles also showed how you could actually make a good Mortal Kombat movie through cutscenes.

This brings us to the reason you likely clicked on this story, with production on a new Mortal Kombat set to begin in South Australia later this year.

With previous Mortal Kombat films being hit and miss (we’re looking at you Annihilation) we’re hoping that Hollywood can do the franchise right. Luckily production is being handled by horror franchise vet and recent Aquaman director James Wan, with directing helmed by first-timer Simon McQuoid, who has experience on other game-related projects.

For now other details on the project are thin on the ground. This means we do not know if it’s a continuation of the previous two films or a complete reboot. Considering it’s been more than 20 years since the original, perhaps a refresh is in order.

With the number of good game to movie adaptations few and far between, perhaps Wan and McQuoid can pull it off.

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