After countless leaks and teases over the past few weeks we finally have confirmation – and clear pictures of – an upcoming set from LEGO based on Netflix’s Stranger Things series.

Set 75810: The Upside Down is rather clever in what it’s trying to do – depicting the Byers’ house both in the our world and the other dimension the set is named after.

As such you will be building facades of both versions of the house which are joined by ball joints in the centre. The trees in each dimensions act as legs to keep the whole build up. It’s a bit weird to convey in text or images, so see this designer promotional video for a better understanding. That ad is also filmed to look like an 80’s talk show, which is a nice touch.

The set features 2 287 amount of pieces and comes with eight minigures of the main cast, as well as a Demogorgon. Notable exclusions here are Steve Harrington, Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler. Hopefully we’ll get them in some followup set, which we assume will be called “The Love Triangle”.

75810: The Upside Down is priced at $199 which is actually really good considering the price per part (which is about 10 US cents per piece) and the fact that this is a licenced set. We’ll need to see what that translates into when it becomes localised.

It will be available from 1st June overseas… but maybe in South Africa too. A second official LEGO store is opening in South Africa on that date and it has promised two exclusive sets which will be on sale at that location only. We’re willing to bet that one of them will be this set.