Over the past few months the game Void Bastards has been doing the rounds, setting itself apart from the FPS pack with its unique art style and tactical shooting. Thankfully the wait to play it will be over before the end of the month as we finally have a release date of 29th May.

This come courtesy of an announcement trailer (embedded below) and a Steam news post. Yes Steam, this isn’t another one of those Epic Store exclusive stories, as this title will be available on that platform as well as Humble Bundle and Xbox One.

Humble Bundle is the publisher here, if you were wondering about its inclusion and the fact that the trailer is hosted on their YouTube channel.

As this trailer doesn’t give you much to go off of if this is your first time seeing the game, we highly recommend checking out the 18 minutes of gameplay that IGN got their hands on, complete with developer commentary.

That developer is Blue Manchu whose only other release title being Card Hunter from 2015. Much of the marketing for the game highlights the involvement of the “development director of BioShock and System Shock 2”, that being Jonathan Chey.

But all of that isn’t as important as the gameplay which is what has made this title so popular even before release. In Void Bastards you play as a prisoner trying to collect parts to repair a ship. Doing so involves raiding derelict spaceships and shooting up the place until you succeed or you die.

The strategy here is mentioned many times as you’ll have to plan out your actions instead of running in guns ablaze.

If you’re hooked at this point and have watched all the gameplay and trailer, it’s suggested that you join the Discord channel for the game which has promised giveaways, which we assume are codes for the title.

As far as we can see none of the current listings for the game have a price attached to them, hopefully this will change before release.