There’s good news for gamers who own an iOS device or Apple TV, with Valve’s Steam Link app now available.

The app was previously unavailable to people who had Apple products, with the App Store initially rejecting the platform due to some “conflicts” the pair had.

For those unfamiliar with Steam Link it essentially allows Valve users to beam their existing library of PC games to any compatible device for remote play. The PC runs the games and allows the other “slave” device to display them while also receiving inputs.

The precise reason why Apple has seemingly done a 180 on their decision is unclear, but The Verge believes it may have something to do with recent antitrust claims made against the company by Spotify a few months ago.

In that particular case the pair have sparred back and forth pointing fingers as to who is in the wrong, which has since prompted the European Union to look into Spotify’s claims and conduct an investigation into how Apple handles apps which may have a competing solution or service.

As such Apple may be looking to bite the bullet early on Steam Link, and ensure it does not fall into any similar antitrust debates. If that is indeed the case we could soon see Apple folding in other situations were conflict was cited.

Regardless of whether this is the case, at least iOS and Apple TV owners are now on an equal footing with other users of the app, which was already available on Android, PC and even the Raspberry Pi.

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