Netflix has given us our first look at the fifth season of Black Mirror and the big names here are Anthony Mackie, Miley Cyrus, and Topher Grace.

Yes you probably know Grace for being the main focus of the beloved That 70’s Show, or the terrible incarnation of Venom in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3.

Despite that last part, and the fact that Tom Hardy didn’t do any better of a job when he was / is Venom, we’re happy to see Grace again, especially as this season of Black Mirror is offering the patented weird look at the future of humans and tech.

This season will kick off on 5th June where “three new stories” are promised. Yes if you thought Game of Thrones was skimping with just six episodes in its last season, Black Mirror is only offering half that.

It looks like we’ll be getting stories about smart home assistants which are malicious, social media addiction and virtual reality. All familiar stomping grounds for the series, so hopefully the unique dark twist the show is known for will be doing some new things.

We also have to wonder if there will be any element of interactivity, which was the central premise of Bandersnatch from last year. While this has not been mentioned yet (we imagine it would be included in the marketing if it was), there’s still some time before the season goes live, and they could be saving this feature to drum up attention closer to 5th June.

On a final note for us in South Africa, Anthony Mackie will be headlining Comic Con Africa at the end of September this year. Even if he’s the most popular part of this season, we doubt people will be lining up to get their Netflix gift cards signed, as his parts in the MCU will likely still be the focus of his visit.