Content creation has evolved into a magnificent beast as technology has progressed.

Whether you’re animating, editing or creating artwork from scratch, there is software that can assist you but you also need some beefy hardware to help you make sure you’re putting your best work out there.

To assist content creators in this regard, ASUS’ new ProArt range is designed to help creators unleash the full force of their creativity without having to worry about running into performance issues.

Take the 27inch ProArt PA27AC professional monitor from ASUS for instance.

At 27inches and a WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440) this IPS panel monitor is perfect for content creators.

Not only does it feature ASUS trademark Eye Care which lowers blue light emissions to protect your eyes in darker environments but it’s also packed with design-focused features.

The PA27AC boasts 100 percent coverage of the sRGB colour gamut and comes pre-calibrated for excellent colour accuracy out of the box. In fact the monitor has a Delta E rating of less than two.

ASUS ProArt Calibration Technology offers advanced adjustments including a 14-bit lookup table for colour accuracy and 5 x 5 grid uniformity testing. The monitor also supports HDR-10 and a brightness of up to 400nits.

If your content has to be accurate when it comes to colour, the PA27AC is a must-have for any design studio.

What is sure to become the hub of a creator’s desk is the Mini PC ProArt PA90. Rest assured, the mini just accounts for the size.

Inside you will find 9th Generation Intel Core processors for smooth, powerful performance. Helping the CPU along is up to 64GB of DDR4 memory so that even the heaviest of workloads are easily handled, even with multiple programs open.

What is more is that the CPU is liquid cooled so the PA90 won’t disturb your concentration.

For graphic designers or folks using CAD, the PA90 comes equipped with NVIDIA Quadro graphics, and storage is covered by a HDD and M.2 PCIe SSDs which insure you have fast storage but also enough to tide your over between projects.

Of course the PA90 is just one part of the ProArt lineup and when you start looking at displays things get very interesting indeed.

Not only is this technology powerful, it’s sleek and understated so that you’re free from distractions while you’re working.

For more information on the ProArt series from ASUS visit the official website or email [email protected]

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