In a bid to give managers and administrators better control of their datacentre, server-room and control room environments, Netshield has launched a new product.

That product is the NVIROMON-ULTI-1S Intelligent IoT-enabled environmental monitoring and control gateway and Netshield reckons it’s a must have for businesses.

Once the unit is installed it gives administrators full visibility to a company’s access control, environmental factors, fire hazards, power management and more.

“Your infrastructure assets house your data assets, making the environment that houses them one of the most business-critical aspects of your business. Being able to guard the door and having a camera for surveillance – is simply not enough – you need a bird’s eye view of the environment at all times,” Netshield South Africa’s chief executive officer, Inus Dreckmeyer said in a statement.

The unit itself allows for additional sensors to be added to it. Netshield uses chemical, petrochemical and biometric sensors as examples but as many as 150 wired and wired environmental sensors can be installed in the NVIROMON-ULTI-1S.

In addition to this, the unit allows for intelligent access control. Access to your server room or even building can be pre-determined. Should a person attempt to gain unauthorised access the system will dynamically alert an administrator or manager.

“The true intelligence these gateways provide is full visibility and control of the environment, putting you in the know. You never have to close the door on your datacentre and wonder what is happening inside ever again. You set the severity of events and then define a critical, major or trivial alert to each one of these events as well as define how you want the alert delivered, via email or SMS and who exactly they need to be sent to,” Dreckmeyer said.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]