It seems that, in our 3D Print of the Day series, the spot everyone wants to vie for is biggest 3D printed prop. But today we have something more subjective to judge in this beautiful lotus flower.

This project comes to us from MyMiniFactory user DoritoMojito, also called freelancer_dorito on Instagram. They tell us that the idea for this print came from their mother, which turned out to be the perfect application of some clear printable resin they had just acquired.

Modelling of the lotus was done in Blender over the course of around five hours, an impressive task as this was the user’s first creation in the software.

Printing took just three hours to complete given the relatively small size here at just 6.5 centimetres in diameter, and 2.5 centimetres tall. Larger ones can be printed, but this size fits perfectly into a plant pot (see the gallery below).

The Monocure Rapid Clear resin was given the purple colouring thanks to some pigments. While the purple version is the one we’ve featured here, another opaque orange version was also created using Anycubic orange resin.

After the supports were cut off and sanded down, the print was sealed with a clear coat to prevent it being affected from further UV rays.

Those looking to make their own lotuses can find the files to do so available for free over on MyMiniFactory.

While this version was done in resin, the files will work on more traditional printers.

Those looking for other 3D print flowers should see this locally-made one which takes the classic LEGO flower piece and blows it up to human proportions.

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