Fujifilm has a new digital mirrorless camera ready to hit the market – the GFX100.

What makes this particular model of medium format camera so noteworthy is the fact that it touts a 102 megapixel resolution, which Fujifilm says doubles the mark set by its predecessor.

The Japanese manufacturer also notes that this is the highest mark achieved by any commercial digital mirrorless camera to date.

What else makes the GFX100 noteworthy?

Well Fujifilm has included some impressive components, with a back-side illuminated sensor that allows users to push the ISO levels up quite high in order to get better image quality in low light conditions. To that end the standard ISO output sensitivity is up to 12 800, with the extended variant going up to 102 400 when needed.

The aforementioned 55mm CMOS sensor onboard the GFX100 is paired with Fujifilm’s X-Processor 4, which helps to deliver a maximum continuous shooting speed of 5fps.

Some of the other features include in-body stabilisation akin to the X-H1, which offers 5.5 extra stops of shake reduction, as well as the ability to shoot 4K video at 30fps and 4:2:2 10-bit recording.

Switching to the rear the electronic viewfinder is interchangeable, with the standard option serving up 5.76 million dots. There’s also a rear-tilting 3.2″ LCD monitor which caters to 100 percent of the camera view, as well as dual UHS-II card and dual battery slots.

As such the GFX100 is certainly kitted out for long shoots or all-day use.

As expected the Fujifilm GFX100 doesn’t come cheap, costing a recommended $10 000 for the body alone in select regions when it arrives in June. No mention yet of what South African consumers can expect to pay for the GFX100, as we have not seen the camera listed on any local retailers just yet.

We’ll need to wait to hear from Fujifilm SA on the local price, which should be confirmed in the next few days. Until then check out the GFX100 in action in the video below.