When it comes to 3D printing mechs are a popular choice, as we’ve featured examples from Titanfall, OverwatchBattleTech and more in the past. Now Just Cause 3 has its turn as a member of the maker community has recreated the Anvil omni directional industrial mech from the game’s DLC.

That maker is Zsolt Bartha, who tells us that the main reason for the project was to create a print that needed no finishing work once off the printer, as well as a way to test out joints for something that isn’t just a static model.

The mech from Just Cause 3 was chosen due to its high number of joints and a relatively simple colour scheme.

Using screenshots from the game as references, the model was created in SolidWorks over the course of around 20 hours.

Printing took longer at 50 hours using a filament brand we’ve not featured before in the Hungarian-made Philament.

After a bit of sanding to make the pins in the joints fit, the mech could be assembled. Depending on how you pose it the size will vary, but the print measures in at about 25 X 20 X 12 centimetres, making it rather sizeable.

You can see the finished version of the project in the gallery below.A picture of the dissembled print is also included so you can see all the individual parts that go into this build. Alternatively, here’s a render of the mech in KeyShot which shows what it would look like in orange instead of red.

Those looking to make their own can find the files available for free over on Thingiverse.

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