Earlier this week Microsoft made its Windows 10 May update available to users. If you haven’t completed the update, or don’t know how to, we explain the process here.

Now that you’re up to date, there are a few new features included in the Windows 10 May update that gamers will be interested in. In particular it adds in-game Spotify access, which means you don’t have to exit a title just to change┬áthe playlist you may be listening to.

The Spotify addition to the Xbox Game Bar is exclusive to Windows 10 PC users for now.

You can access the Game Bar by pressing the Windows and G keys simultaneously, which will bring the Bar into the foreground of your game. From there access to the Spotify app is available without having to leave the game you’re playing.

This mini-player has all the features you may need as well, with the ability to browse content along with being able to change songs or playlists.

To see the new Spotify feature in Game Bar, as well as other gaming aspects included in the Windows 10 May update, hit play on the video after the break.