If you’ve been looking for a Metroidvania where you get to play as a cat in a mech, Devolver Digital has you covered in Gato Roboto, which is surprisingly going to be launching before the month is over.

In Gato Roboto you play as a cat trying to save your captan and crashed spaceship (which you may be responsible for). As seen in the trailer, embedded below, you can jump into various mechs to fight aliens and traverse the environment.

The switching of vehicles reminds us a bit of the Metal Slug franchise, but we’ll have to see if these mechs are temporary buffs (like in Metal Slug) or more central to the gameplay and progression. We’re betting on the latter given it’s a Metroidvania.

This game is launching on both Nintendo Switch and Steam simultaneously. There’s no local price for the Steam version as of yet but on Switch it will cost R130 in South Africa. Those who pre-order (something that we never recommend) will also get a 15% discount bringing the price down to R110.50.

While we’re not complaining it’s a bit strange that this title is on Steam. Devolver Digital recently released the game Observation on 21st May as a PlayStation 4 / Epic Games Store title.

Finally, we have to recommend that you visit the official Gato Roboto website. At the top of the page you can lead the cat around with your cursor and left click to jump. Scroll down and you get a bit of backstory for the game as well as the name of the cat – Kiki – who seems to have set off the events of the game by stepping on a keyboard.