While countless games are released every single day on mobile devices, many of them aren’t unique enough to mention, but ChessFinity is such a unique idea that we have to talk about it, because it’s billed as chess if it were an endless runner.

Endless runners are a mobile game staple, and to make it work with chess players are presented with an infinite five-across board to play with.

Going off of the short trailer (embedded below) your chess piece changes after every move so you can’t just play as a queen and wreck house.

The game is also governed by a timer which needs to be topped up by taking pieces. So, even though this is a turn-based title, you can’t wait around forever to plan your moves.

Despite its unique premise this game is filled with the standard mobile game fair: procedurally generated levels, powerups, scoring with leader boards and collectable coins that can be used for customisation.

If you’re interested in playing ChessFinity you can pre-register for it on the Google Play Store. All this means is that you will get a notification when it’s available, which may come in handy as there’s no mention of a release date right now.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any port for Apple devices available right now, but hopefully that changes closer to the release.

ChessFinity is being developed by HandyGames which has dozens of original games and ports to their name.