Microsoft is expected to debut a new Surface Pro tablet-hybrid later this year, if we’re going off of past experience, and now a leaked patent has surfaced for a device we can only assume to be the Surface Pro 7.

While Microsoft has not come forward to claim this patent as their own, it was discovered by Windows United, which has a fairly solid track record when it comes to such things. The filing for the patent can also be found here, so Microsoft is definitely working on something.

The most important element of this newly discovered patent are some of the features that Microsoft appear to be working on, with USB Type-C ports spotted and a redesigned type cover found as well.

The latter could be quite interesting, with the current Surface Pro type cover having a propensity to flap about when folded over for tablet mode, as The Verge’s Tom Warren points out. This flapping issue is now addressed with magnets sitting on the sides of the Surface Pro.

The aforementioned Type-C port is also rather intriguing with Microsoft-branded hardware, as well as their OEMs, being far less adopting of the USB standard compared to the counterparts at Apple. Alongside the Type-C ports are also Type-A ones, as well as a DisplayPort and 3.5 mm headphone jack.

With a few months between now and when Microsoft is expected to launch the Surface Pro 7 (if that is indeed its real name), there is still time for some of the patent’s design elements to be ditched or improved upon.

Regardless of all this, there is little for South African consumers to get excited about, especially as Microsoft-branded hardware is yet to be officially launched in the country.

Still a journalist can hope.