It is that time of the year again for computing hardware. Yes Computex 2019 is in full swing at the moment, Alienware (owned by Dell) was one of the several manufacturers in attendance.

Unfortunately the gaming brand did not have any insanely large notebooks on offer, but did reveal refreshed versions of their thin and lightweight (relatively speaking) m15 and m17 devices.

The pair feature a range of enhancements, and also sport some of the newer internal components to have hit the market of late.

To that end they’ll both be available in calibrations with Intel’s 9th Gen Core processors, promising up to 5.0GHz clock speeds. Added to this is a choice of Nvdia GPUs, depending on the model specification you want, with the GeForce GTX 1660Ti and RTX 2060, 2070 and 2080 cards on the table.

The m15 and m17 weigh 2.13kg and 2.63kg respectively, making them one of Alienware’s lightest notebook offerings to date. The smaller m15 offering also touts Tobii eye tracking, making it the world’s first 15″ notebook to do so, should you care for such accolades or wish to try out the feature.

Gamers can be able to choose between 144Hz, 240Hz or the newly available OLED displays when it comes to screen options on these two notebooks. Added to this is Alienware’s Cyro-Tech 3.0, which offers a newly optimised thermal module design to improve cooling performance, increasing airflow by 20 percent over the previous generation of the m15 and 25 percent on the m17.

Unfortunately there’s no confirmation of when either the updated Alienware m15 or m17 notebooks will be available to purchase in South Africa, or indeed how much they will retail for when they do.

If we’re going off of some of Dell’s Computex 2019 announcements, these will likely land sometime in August, but we’ll keep our readers updated on availability and pricing.