The final batch of content in Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Annual Pass breaks cover next week and Bungie has detailed what players can expect.

Dubbed the Season of Opulence, Guardians will once again venture into the Underbelly of the Leviathan and prove themselves to Emperor Calus.

Aside from the Crown of Sorrow raid, Bungie will be introducing a new six-player match-made activity to Destiny it’s calling the Menagerie.

“All players who have completed the Forsaken campaign will be welcome to try the Menagerie once, as well as access the Imperial Summons quest. This will grant players Power Surge gear at 690 power to help them jump directly in to the new season of content,” Bungie wrote in a blog post.

Owners of the Annual Pass will meet new Menagerie bosses throughout June culminating in the introduction of a Heroic difficulty.

Bungie says that while normal difficulty will allow for matchmaking, the Heroic difficulty will require that players assemble a six-player fireteam before jumping into the activity.

The new season will of course feature new Pinnacle weapons to grind for. For the Crucible there is the Revoker, Vanguard Strikes and Nightfalls will feature the Wendigo GL3 grenade launcher as a Pinnacle reward and Hush will seemingly be earned through Gambit.

There will of course be new Exotics to grind for as well though Bungie hasn’t detailed what we can expect in that regard.

That having been said, an image at the bottom of Season of Opulence web page leads us to believe that we will be getting Thorn’s counterpart, Rose, as an Exotic weapon.

Finally, the Season of Opulence will feature the return of the Solstice of Heroes.

While we are very much excited for the Season of Opulence, we are also curious about what Bungie’s plans are following the conclusion of the season.

Will we see a Destiny 3 or are we getting another Annual Pass? We probably won’t have to wait too long for an answer and in the mean time we have a batch of new content to work through.