Computex 2019 is underway in Taipei at the moment, and the world’s top manufacturers are debuting their new offerings. It’s not only on the computing side of things either, with MediaTek debuting its 5G SoC platform at the week-long event too.

Specialising in chipsets for the mid-range and entry-level spectrum of mobile devices, MediaTek is keeping that trend going by announcing that its new 5G SoC is designed for the next wave of smartphones, which should be cheaper than the current 5G supporting models hitting the market this year.

With access to 5G costing a premium at the moment, being able to offer it in a device at a lower price point could prove a profitable prospect for MediaTek.

As for the SoC itself, it takes the guise of the Helio M70 5G which features a 7 nanometer architecture and an AI processing functionality thanks its APU 3.0 design. Added to this is ARM’s recently debuted Cortex-A77 processor and Mali-G77 GPU to take care of the heavy lifting. When running on a 5G network MediaTek says its S0C can muster up to 4.7Gps download speeds.

It will take some time before we see the Melio M20 5G in a device, with MediaTek adding that early 2020 is when smartphones can be expected to feature the chipset. As such we could see a wave of cheaper 5G devices debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next year.

Hopefully 5G spectrum is made available in South Africa long before that window arrives.