Cryptocurrency is still very much the talk of the town and for good reason.

The prospect of a secure currency that isn’t reliant on traditional channels such as financial institutions is one that millions around the world are in favour of and now you can join that revolution as well.

One-stop Cryptocurrency OTC trading desk, CoinCola gives users the ability to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin – among others – just like a regular exchange would but there is one key difference that we think locals will find rather interesting.

CoinCola also allows users to buy Bitcoin using Gift Cards from iTunes and Amazon. Those aren’t the only gift cards however and you can trade anything from Walmart to Steam Wallet gift cards on the exchange.

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When trading gift cards you can see the number trades made by the seller, their site rating and their preferred payment method.

For your piece-of-mind CoinCola makes use of an escrow account. This means that once an offer is selected by another user, digital currency is held in the escrow service from the party that is selling it. The digital currency is released from escrow to the buyer by the seller once the buyer has completed the terms of the trade. The escrow is released back to the seller if the buyer chooses to cancel the trade. The seller can never cancel the trade at any point.

Posting an advert to trade is free but you will incur a tiny 0.7percent fee on the transaction amount following the trade but deposits into your trading account are free.

Transferring assets between your OTC and Exchange Accounts is completely free as well.

This means that you can trade one cryptocurrency for another on the exchange and hold onto the to better performing currency should the market crash.

If you needed even more, CoinCola also offers a digital wallet service if you’re not yet set up with one.

So if you have some gift cards that are gathering dust, perhaps consider turning them into cryptocurrency with CoinCola. There’s never been an easier way to step into the future.

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[Image – Photo by André François McKenzie on Unsplash]
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