Last night the first trailer for a new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game landed on YouTube. This particular one is notable as it’s not technically Modern Warfare 4, but rather a reboot of the franchise as developers Treyarch aim to redefine the gameplay experience of the Call of Duty franchise.

Based on what we’ve spotted in the trailer, this iteration of Call of Duty will bear a closer resemblance to how warfare is conducted in this day and age, as opposed to the more radical takes that we’ve seen in Infinite Warfare and some of the recent Black Ops titles.

Added to this we’re getting a proper campaign as group of international special operatives are led on missions in hostile cities across Europe and the Middle East. For those keen on a multiplayer experience, which has often been Call of Duty’s bread and butter, Treyarch says that’s also been given special attention, but did not go into finer detail at this stage.

We should see more information about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare arrive in a couple of weeks when E3 gets underway in Los Angeles next month, but luckily we already know when the release date for this new title.

To that end Treyarch has confirmed a cross-platform release on PS4, Xbox One and PC come 25th October this year.

While we’re yet to see the full extent of gaming on offer for this latest Call of Duty offering, it looks like the early reactions are quite positive. To that end the like to dislike ratio on the YouTube video (embedded below) is very good, unlike previous COD games like Infinite warfare.

To find out if you have a similar opinion, hit play on the trailer after the break.