Late last year South Africa’s Constitutional Court (PDF) ruled that citizens had the right to use and grow marijuana in their homes, as long it was for personal consumption.

In light of this, Google recently implemented a new policy for their Play Store apps, which bans any mobile applications that facilitate the sale of marijuana or cannabis.

According to IT Web, Google’s new policy means that all apps selling, delivering or facilitating the sale of marijuana or related products are banned, whether they operate in a country where it is legal or not.

“At Google Play, we are committed to providing a positive, safe environment for children and families. Over the last few years, we’ve helped parents find family friendly content through the Designed for Families programme and empowered them to set digital ground rules for their families with Family Link parental controls,” said product manager at Google Play, Kanika Sachdeva.

The publication adds that the new policy comes after Google had promised to make a number of changes on the Play Store, in efforts to make it more child-friendly.

Furthermore, IT Web says that existing marijuana apps on Google Play Store such as Eaze and Weedmaps have been given 30 days to comply with the new policy, and that these offerings simply need to move their shopping cart flow outside of the app itself to be compliant with the new policy.

[Source – IT Web] [Image – CC 0 Pixabay]