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3D Printed Pokémon potions come in three flavours

The Pokémon series continues to be a well of inspiration for the maker community, with most of the hundreds of actual Pokémon having been recreated as printable models, but today we’re going to look at something else in the form of the humble potion.

Travis Corbett, who goes by “In3Designs“, tells us that he felt motivated to replicate the potions from Pokémon Go as the game was popular at the time.

To do this 123D Design was used to model the project, which was completed in just three hours.

Printing takes a similarly short time at two hours per potion, probably due to the small stature of each one: assembled the potions on this page stand just five inches tall (12.7 centimetres), but they can be scaled up or down to suit your needs.

Very little finishing work is needed here as painting can be avoided by using the right colour filament, but some sanding is recommended to make the cap fit better.

To show off the design Corbett has printed out three of the potion types that can be found in the game. From left to right in the header image above: the standard potion, hyper potion and super potion. The max potion has been left out as it’s a completely different shape to the other three.

The files to make these potions are available for free over on Thingiverse.

Those not interested in this will be happy to know that there are many more Go-specific 3D prints out there. See our features on the EX Raid Pass, phone aiming case and Pokédex phone charger for more.

That last one may be applicable here as we can easily see this potion design being adapted to fit a battery bank inside. Yes, we can make the obvious joke about the battery bank “healing” your phone instead of your Pokémon, but that’s just a bit too obvious, isn’t it?

Alternatively, you can use it as a night-light:

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