Closed beta for The Surge 2 open to just 50 people

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In the realm of Souls-like games not created by FromSoftware, The Surge from 2017 is probably been the best one out there, and now a closed beta is being conducted for an upcoming sequel.

An official account for the now franchise shared that The Surge 2 is being worked on and is now looking for some beta testers to help polish it up.

While this is being billed as a closed beta, anyone can register using this public Google form, albeit with some caveats.

The first big one is that there are only 50 slots open, so the chances of any one person being picked are slim. The form also states that this beta will be taking place on PC only, and a registered Steam account is needed.

Participants will also need to be able to speak English and / or French to provide feedback about the experience. Publisher Focus Home Interactive is French, in case you were wondering about the inclusion of that language.

A data collection form will need to be agreed to, as will an NDA preventing participants to share anything about what they play.

Finally, there’s just some basic details to provide like name, surname, email address, Steam ID and whether or not the participant has played the first Surge game.

For those wondering why we used the term “Souls-like” at the beginning of this story and not another one such as “SoulsBorne”, it’s because Souls-like is the term used by the form in its last question, asking how often this type of game is played. The choices include “every week”, “sometimes” and “never”.

We have signed up ourselves and, at this point, we’d say that we’ll let you know if anything changes, but if we get picked we would be under NDA.

Hopefully this closed beta means an open beta will be coming in the future.

If you’re interested in this franchise give our review of the first game a read. While we loved its slower pace and grungy industrial sci-fi aesthetic, it had many pacing issues and kind of fell apart near the end of the game. Hopefully The Surge 2 can fix those issues.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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