Five tools to help you track your children

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Crime is an everyday reality in South Africa, and especially so for youngsters, with incidents involving missing children on the rise.

According to Missing Children South Africa, a child goes missing every five hours and over 1 687 children are reported missing each year in the country. UNICEF also estimates that 1.2 million children are being trafficked every year.

These are staggering stats, which is why parents or guardians need to take whatever measures they can to better protect their children. With that in mind there are a few solutions available to help you keep track of your kids. We’ve highlighted five in particular below, ranging from apps, smart bands and smartwatches.

Cell Find – Find My Kids

Starting the list is an app from Cell Find called Find My Kids. This app allows parents to track their child’s movement history, getting notifications of the places that the child has visited and also secretly listen in to what is happening in the environment your child may be in. It also allows you to receive an SOS signal from your child.

The Find My Kids app is freely available for download on iOS and Android.

Kids GPS Tracker Smartwatch

This smartwatch is great for children who are not allowed to carry phones at school. It has GPS live tracking software, as well as SOS calling ability, and is able to call two numbers and receive eight preset calls.

It also allows you to access movement history for the last three months, along with the playback functionality to listen to what was happening in the environment your child was in. It is available for R499, depending on the retailer.

Guardian GPS Watch

This is a silicone non-waterproof GPS tracking watch that is suitable for young teenagers. It reports on the wearer’s GPS position every time the person moves outside a designated zone. The cool thing about this watch is that it has a two-way voice call,  an SOS and history playback, which enables you to view all the previous movements your child has made.

Another fancy feature is that it can last up to two days without being charged depending on the movement. This Guardian GPS watch sells at R1 699 at Eye Watch.

TCL MoveTime Family Watch

The MT30 as it is known is a smartwatch that is designed for young children and has features such as GPS tracking, an SOS button, and also a handful of games for the young ones to keep busy. It also allows for messages to be sent via emojis or voice notes.

Added to this is a waterproof design, so you need not worry if your children are playing with water. Depending on which retailer you get it from it costs roughly R1 399.

The Child Guardian Pro

This GPS wrist tracker might be the most expensive on the list, but we think it’s worth it. Unlike the three smartwatches previously mentioned, this one features video calling. It has a number of added features such as IP67-rated waterproofness, two-way voice calling, an SOS button, front-facing camera, WiFi and 4G connectivity.

You are also able to set up a safe zone, with the watch notifying you any time the child moves out of the safe zone. The camera has the added benefit of taking  snaps of your child remotely. The Child Guardian Pro is at a selling price of R1 995, which price varying between retailer.



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