Before Endgame was even out we knew that Thanos would be fighting the Avengers using a new weapon in the form of a double-bladed sword. Now, between rewatches, you can 3D print your own version of this weapon.

This is thanks to MyMiniFactory user T-E-C who we featured back in January for their recreation of Iron Man’s battered helmet which was shown in the first trailer for the movie.

Like the helmet, this sword was modelled in Fusion 360. While you could barely see the sword in some of the trailers and TV spots, the main source of reference for this process as the Hot Toys figure of Thanos which had been shown off prior to the release of Endgame.

The design work took just two hours to complete but printing, as expected, took much longer at four whole days on a Prusa i3 MK3.

With all the individual pieces glued together, the prop measures in at about four and a half feet long, or 137 centimetres. We’re not sure if that’s quite big enough for a Titan, but it should work for cosplay or just for display.

For finishing a wood filler was used between the gaps of the printed pieces and some light sanding followed to smooth everything over.

Painting consisted of just three colours (a chrome silver, gold and black) which were dan with spray paint to finish the prop off.

From raw plastic to the sword you see in the gallery below, a further six days were added to the project time.

If you have that amount of spare time to make your own version, the files to do so can be found for free on MyMiniFactory. 

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that (as far as we can tell) this sword doesn’t have a name as of yet. We’ve seen it referred to as simply the “double-bladed sword” or the “double-edged sword“, and we’re not sure if Thanos is sentimental enough to give his weapons names.

We’re sure the community will give it some name eventually, which has to be better than “butter knife” which is what the LEGO community dubbed this version of a sword from an old Infinity War set.

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