At IFA 2018 last year LG debuted a world first with their 8K OLED TV. At the time little was known about the TV, other than its 88″ design and impressive 7 680 X 4 320 screen resolution, which is 16 times that of FullHD.

Now LG has made the 8K OLED TV, or OLED88Z9 if you want its technical, available for pre-order in the company’s native South Korea.

“Being the first to market with the world’s first and largest 8K OLED TV shows our commitment to leading the ultra-premium TV segment and delivering the ultimate viewing experience,” enthused Brian Kwon, president of the Mobile Communications and Home Entertainment companies at LG.

“LG was a pioneer in bringing OLED to market and we will continue to introduce state-of-art TV technologies that push the boundaries of what’s possible in home entertainment,” adds Kwon.

As for how much pre-ordering this TV will cost if you, the price is set at roughly 40 million Korean won, or about R492 227 when we don’t factor in things like import duties and other taxes.

While LG’s local representatives have not confirmed whether the 8K OLED TV will land locally, if it did we’re expecting only a handful will arrive in the country, so don’t expect to head down to your neighbourhood electronics store to see one in action.

Along with the 8K resolution and massive size, this world first TV also sports the second generation of LG’s Alpha 9 8K processor to handle the visuals, as well as upscale non-8K content using machine learning algorithms, according to the company.

It’s also able to generate virtual 5.1 surround sound from the aforementioned algorithms, and is Dolby Atmos compatible.

LG says the TV is slated for release in the US and Europe during the third quarter of this year, so maybe there’s a chance we’ll see it available in SA before the year’s end?

Now if you don’t mind us, we have some non-vital organs to sell and a crowdfunding campaign to start if we have any hopes of owning this 8K OLED TV.

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