Last night Apple kicked off its annual WWDC developers conference, where the firm showcased all the new software it has been working on lately. As has been the case in recent years they showed off what they’ve been developing on the mobile side of things, and in particular debuted iOS 13.

The developer version of the operating system is currently available, with the beta launching later this month. No word on when it will officially begin rolling out to consumers, but Apple CEO Tim Cook did close the keynote by stating that all the software previewed at WWDC 19 would hit the market sometime in Q3 this year.

Moving on to what Apple has baked into this latest iteration of iOS, and one of the most requested features is finally here – Dark Mode.

The darker colour scheme is system wide according to Apple, and will be present in all of their native applications. They’re also working with developers to ensure that their apps are tailored to the new dark mode.

Apart from being less intense on your eyes when using your phone at night, that’s about it for dark mode.

Along with the new darker aesthetic, Apple has also been working on some of its own apps and tools for iOS 13. More specifically the firm has given Maps an overhaul, which is a good thing considering it’s been one of the worst apps that they’ve ever made.

For this new version Apple says they travelled more than 4 million miles mapping the States, and now have a far more detailed and immersive experience in store for users Stateside when the app launches later this year.

Apple says it will land in other regions next year, but did not mention whether the same remapping process has been conducted.

As for the tools that Apple has been working on for iOS 13, the majority are focused on security and privacy.

To that end there’s a new Apple Sign-In tool designed to give users more control over who has access to their data. This is specifically designed for social media apps or services which request a user’s email address as part of signing-in, with Apple’s solution now creating a randomised address to ensure their users aren’t getting spammed or sharing their data unnecessarily.

Lastly the camera app has been refined to make editing of photos and videos easier, along with improvements to the memoji feature. The latter now includes more customisation options, as well as stickers for iOS 13 users to share with one another.

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