Remember when electric scooters were all the rage 12 months ago, and every other week a new startup seemed to materialise out of nowhere. Most of the companies have fallen to the wayside, but one that remained is Bird, with the firm now adding a new electric bike to its range of electrified offerings.

It’s called the Bird Cruiser¬†and it’s a two-seater electric bike, which we’ve seen different variations from other companies. We have not seen it person, but we have to say the Cruiser is one of the more eye-catching options out there, and the monochromatic colour option is definitely striking.

As for when this Bird Cruiser will be hitting the streets, the startup is eyeing a release in the next couple of months, with this electric vehicle making up a fleet they plan to make available via their ride sharing service.

There’s no word on what it will take to buy one solely for yourself, which is a pity, as we’d certainly be keen on getting one if the price was right. There’s also the issue of them being part of a fleet, which could mean someone could very easily mistake your bike for one they’ve rented.

Moving on, what’s powering the Bird Cruiser?

It has a 52 volt battery powering it, which is pretty common among e-bikes, but Bird does not note what kind of top speed the Cruiser can muster. They do say, however, that the battery portion of the electric bike is designed to assist riders with hills, and that pedalling should be the modus operandi the rest of the time.

With Bird, or any other electric scooter startup really, failing to venture outside of the US’ major tech cities, the chances of seeing one of their electrified offerings locally are slim.

We hold out hope though.

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