Back in May of 2017 the game Blasphemous became the latest Kickstarter darling as it wowed backers with its unique art style, gritty 2D combat and promised Metroidvania design.

After raising $333 246 – many times its original $50 goal – we’ve been seeing some updates about the development of the game by developer The Game Kitchen, and now we have maybe the biggest announcements yet.

The developer has partnered with Team17 who will act as publisher. Team17 is probably best known for the Worms franchise, but it has published some well-known titles in Overcooked 2, The Escapists 2 and Yooka-Laylee.

This partnership has brought about a “reveal” trailer which shows off those aforementioned features which made it such a hit on Kickstarter.

We’re not sure why this is labelled as a reveal when we’ve known about the game for years now, but it does confirm that a big name is behind it now and that you will be able to play it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Those worried about it being snatched up by the Epic Store will be happy to see that it already has a Steam page where you can wishlist the title, but no price or pre-order is up yet.

We know games have been listed on Steam and then snatched by the Epic Store, so we can only hope that doesn’t happen again.

Regardless there’s still no release date for the title with the game being listed on Team17’s website as To Be Confirmed “TBC”.

Those a bit frustrated by this, especially early Kickstarter backers, will be happy to hear that they can see an hour’s worth of content from the game thanks to a past livestream which can be watched on Twitch.