The latest game from publisher Devolver Digital and developer DeadToast Entertainment – My Friend Pedro – finally has a release date for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, arriving on 20th June this year.

We say “finally” because we’ve been following this game for years now on the developer’s Twitter account which has shared countless gifs showing off the impressive gameplay the title has to offer.

In still images My Friend Pedro may look like a regular 2D sidescroller with shooting, but in action the player has the ability to dance around levels using a combination of guns, the environment, and skateboards to put an end to the various enemies throughout.

Promotional material for the game bill it as a “violent ballet”, which is rather apt especially considering the main character’s ability to hop around with no real regard for gravity. Without watching any video of the game, it could be described as crossing the acrobatics of Spider-Man with the violent gun play of the Punisher.

If you do want to see that in motion (and who wouldn’t?) there’s a new trailer for the game which acts as the release date announcement.

Rather cleverly, it’s titled “Release Date Hype Train” and the action actually takes place on a level set on a train. Choo choo.

My Friend Pedro is already up for pre-order on the Nintendo eShop and Steam. As has become tradition in South Africa (and many other countries with localised pricing) there is a huge price discrepancy between the two.

Steam is selling the game for R130, while the Nintendo platform has it for R325. We’re not sure if this is a coincidence but the Nintendo price is exactly 2.5 times more than Steam. Damn, that’s quite the Switch tax.

If you want the game slightly cheaper on either platform there’s a 15 percent discount for pre-orders but, as always, we highly suggest avoiding that and waiting for some reviews to come out before parting with your money.