We are living in the age of technology, where we are constantly connecting with one another via our smartphone or the internet. While there is access to more information than ever, there are also more threats than before, especially so for children.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up five apps/tools developed to allow parents to have the peace of mind knowing exactly what their children are exposed to while on the internet.

They allow parents to have the ability to supervise the content their children access and be able to add a filter for any undesirable language.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link allows parents to keep an eye on the screens their children are watching This app also has the ability to remotely lock your children’s device whenever it is time for them to take a break.

Added to this is the function to approve or block apps that your kids children would want to download from the Google Play Store, as well as being able to render the child’s phone useless at any time and place with the push of a button.

This app is free and available for Android smartphones.


This app allows parents to easily manage and set limits to the children’s online experience, by scheduling  the amount of time children spend on the internet each day.

It gives the parent control to view children’s social network activity, block graphic content and also have control over the games and apps they download.

For a parent to download this app you would need to sign up and install the app, and it can be downloaded on Windows, Android, iOS and macOS X.

Vodafone Guardian

As a Vodacom subscriber, the network has an app that is free for parents to be able to safeguard what children are exposed to on their smartphones.

It allows the parents to specify which times their kid can make and receive calls, also allowing you to prevent unsuitable messages. You can also specify times children have access to the internet and when they can make use of the phone’s camera.

Kidz Zone

This is another app from the Google Play Store, and it allows parents to have control of the content children receive on their smartphones. Better suited for younger age groups, it protects children from browsing the internet and social media networks.

The app is able to enforce screen-time limits, block in-app purchases and downloads from the Google Play Store. It also relocks automatically if the device is rebooted and prevents apps that are installed from being uninstalled.


Spyzie is an all-inclusive parental piece of software that allows you to identify and block inappropriate apps or games. The platform allows a parent to track the GPS location of their children’s phone too.

Another advantage is that you will be able to view their call history, browser history and text messages remotely.

All you will need is to register an account, connect the desired device and then you can start monitoring.

[Image – Ludovic Toinel on Unsplash]