While hard drives are great for mass storage, more and more people have made the move to solid state drives (SSDs) for their faster storage needs. Now even regular SSDs don’t feel fast enough and the next step is ditching the SATA connector all together, and going for an NVMe-based approach.

One such product in this range is offered up by Transcend in the form of the PCIe SSD 220S boasting almost comical speeds: sequential read is up to 3 500 megabytes per second, and a sequential write at 2 800 megabytes per second, both of these done in the trusted CrystalDiskMark benchmarking software.

For some perspective: a regular 2.5″ SSD may see read / write speeds in the 500 MB/s range, and older hard drives being even slower than that. Even other SSDs made for the M.2 slot will struggle to compete here.

This makes the 220S perfect for gaming, content production, enterprise or just about any other application you can think of where more speed is needed. With new games being upwards of 50 gigabytes and workloads becoming even larger, the added pace provided by this solution cannot be ignored.

While loading into the latest games faster than anyone else may not be worth the upgrade for everyone, working on heavy loads like 4K footage is where the 220S can really remove some bottlenecks in a system.

Aside from being faster than the competition, Transcend also offers up peace of mind when picking this solution up. Their SSD Scope software allows you to check on the health of your device while also optimising it for use. This can be used to make sure you’re getting the claimed 800 terabytes worth of writes.

Transcend SSDs are also tested in various conditions involving vibration, temperature and humidity, so if you plan on doing some super fast computing in extreme circumstances, you can count on your hardware here. This also means that more average use at the office or at home is even more dependable.

If speed and reliability aren’t your thing, what about size? At just 80 X 22 X 3.58 millimetres the 220S drives are tiny, fitting neatly into any system where space is an issue. While desktop PCs may have enough room in their cases for larger drives, notebooks and small form factor desktops will love something this discrete. As long as your motherboard has an empty and accessible M.2 slot, the 220S will be there to fill it in.

For notebooks where weight is a larger issue, the 220S doesn’t even tip the scales at eight grams making it one of the few upgrades you can feel in performance, but not in hand.

The Transcend PCIe SSD 220S range is available in South Africa at various outlets, and you can learn more about it on the local Transcend site. You can pick up the 220S range in 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB sizes. Please make sure that the system you’re intending to use the 220S with, has the appropriate M.2 slot.

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