Trade union Solidarity announced this week that it would rethink its approach to work by launching a R4.5 billion new work network that would focus on education and training.

The Citizen reported that the NetWork, as it is being called, will accompany its members throughout their whole career path, benefiting anyone who wants to be educated in Afrikaans.

“The Solidarity NetWork is a major leap into the future. Although emigration has become a focal point of discussion again, most of the people remain here. It does not help to become despondent, we have one alternative and that is to use what we have and build with it,” said Solidarity COO, Dirk Hermann.

Furthermore the publication says that the union was open to discuss their educational and technological models with government so that every South African child can have access to a quality education regardless of their location.

“The Solidarity Research Institute recently published a report which states that the birth rate of especially Afrikaner families have risen again. Therefore we must plan and build for the following generation who is now building sand castles at preschool institutions,” added Hermann.

He went on to explained that the Solidarity NetWork will focus strongly on protection in the workplace, while it will also address the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a weakening state.

“The main theme of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is disruptive knowledge. We want to keep our participants in the NetWork at the forefront of knowledge, but Solidarity NetWork and the system which will link it all together will also be disruptive knowledge,” concluded Hermann.

[Source – The Citizen] [Image – CC 0 Pixabay]