The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been the inspiration for many 3D prints that we’ve featured in the past – such as Link himself, a Skull Chest, a Guardian and more – now it has also lead to the creation of this Soldier’s Bow.

Maker Craig McNaughton is responsible for this project, telling us he came up with the “mad idea” to try to make a full set of weapons from the game with the Master Sword and this bow already completed, and more to come.

For the modelling of this bow, various online references were used together with close examination of the weapon in the game.

The modelling process was done in 3ds Max taking between 15 and 20 hours to complete spread across a few weeks to deal with some trial and error, together with McNaughton learning the software.

Printing took much longer totalling 120 hours, with the protrusions around the handle each taking 12 hours to complete. Those looking to make their own can speed this up with thinner layers, however.

The complete bow is just over a metre long, and you can see it compared to McNaughton’s eight year-old son in the gallery below. It can, of course, be scaled to fit any size you’d like if this doesn’t fit your display or cosplay needs.

This size was chosen basing it on comparisons to another Master Sword as well as a commercial Traveller’s Bow prop that was bought. Funnily enough the Traveler’s Bow has also been 3D printed.

The main shaft was primed and polished smooth with some of the other detailing left a bit rough around the edges to match how it looks in the game. To add colour to the plastic airbrushing was used, followed by a few washes and some final detailing.

The files to make your own full size Soldier’s Bow are, as always, available for free over on Thingiverse. 

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