It’s been a busy few weeks for silicon maker AMD, as the firm has made a number of announcements of late, starting with Computex 2019 and now at E3 2019 currently underway in Los Angeles.

This latest announcement is rather notable, with the company revealing their new 3rd Gen Ryzen Architecture offerings, which includes a world first in the form of the 16-core sporting Ryzen 9 3950X.

Along with the new 16-core design, the Ryxen 9 3950X touts a 7 nanometer architecture, as well as 32-threads. Added to this is a base clocking speed of 3.5GHz, with that being boosted to up to 4.7GHz, with AMD adding that it is the highest boost frequency in their stack.

It also boasts a massive 72MB of cache and supports PCIe 4.0, with the firm already stating that it vastly outperforms Intel’s recent 8-core offering.

While we have not seen the new chipset in-person, it may not be Intel that need worry about the Ryzen 9 3950X, but rather AMD’s own 32-core Threadripper, as it offers a performance comparable to that flagship CPU for quite a bit less money.

Either way, with AMD also powering Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scarlett console, the company is well positioned at the moment.

The new chipset will be available in select regions (no mention of South Africa just yet) come September, and carry with it a recommended price tag of $749 Stateside.

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