If you’ve gone to the cinemas to watch a movie in the past few years, it more than likely was a Marvel one, and Avengers in particular. If you haven’t quite had your superhero fill just yet, you’ll be glad to hear that Square Enix has a Marvel’s Avengers game landing next year.

The developer showcased it at E3 2019 earlier this week, and also revealed a trailer to mark the occasion.

The A-Day trailer as it’s being called does not include much in the form of actual gameplay, so we’re still a little unclear as to how you’ll be able to play as each member of the Avengers, but it does feature actual in-game footage.

To that end we get to see the likes of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and Bruce Banner/Hulk in action. As such it should be interesting to see if you can switch between each of the characters during a mission akin to GTA V.

For now the above Avengers are the only ones we know that will feature in the game, but with the Marvel universe rich for mining, there is certainly scope for more additions. It’s also unclear who the big bad for this game will be. With Thanos already tapped heavily in the MCU, perhaps one of the lesser known villains will appear here.

Marvel’s Avengers is already up for pre-order, and is slated for release on PS4, Xbox One, Windows PC and Google Stadia come 15th May.

So, are you up for reassembling?