In a rather strange move, earlier this week Google tweeted out an image of their upcoming Pixel 4 phone. This wasn’t a mistake or snafu on Google’s part, but rather intentionally done as renders of the device surfaced online recently, fuelling the rumour and leaks mill once again.

It kind of makes sense why Google would opt to do this, as the Pixel 3 was perhaps the worst kept secret in mobile devices last year, as leaked images and hands-on videos appeared several months before the phone’s official October announcement.

As such it looks like Google is trying to get ahead of the crowd.

So what can we decipher from the tweeted image?

Well for one we know the Pixel 4 will be available in black, but most notably it will feature a newly designed camera array, which seemingly has three lenses and a flash.

With Google leveraging the image processing capabilities of previous Pixel phones to capture great photos, it looks like the firm has embraced the more lenses is better trend. How they aim to make the three lens array unique, however, remains to be seen.

We can also infer that Google is working on either a different screen notch or an under-the-screen camera for the Pixel 4 as there is no rear fingerprint sensor visible on the tweeted image. We’re hoping it’s the latter option, as it would be a statement of intent to the other larger Android phone makers, with only Oppo and Xiaomi having cracked the selfie camera code at the moment.

That’s about all we can decipher for now, but we don’t foresee Google’s plan panning out, with more leaks likely on the way before the Pixel 4 is expected to launch in October this year.

Our most lingering concern though, is when Google will plan to make its hardware, and phones in particular, officially available in South Africa?

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