The ongoing battle between the United States and Huawei has taken yet another intriguing turn, as it’s reported that the Chinese phone maker has trademarked its own mobile operating system.

According to CNet the company filed the trademark in Peru of all places, using the name “Hongmeng” for use in nine countries outside of Europe. For the EU, however, Huawei has trademarked “Ark OS”, with it being suggested that it will be ready for rollout in select regions sometime in Q3 this year.

If that is indeed true, we could see the Hongmeng or Ark OS debut alongside Huawei’s next Mate series phones, which normally get revealed in October.

The move to get the operating system up and running that early makes sense, especially as Huawei only has two months left on the 90-day agreement they have with Google over its Android license.

One of the more interesting elements to this latest bit of news, are the implications it would have with Huawei’s blacklisting in the States. While having their own OS sidesteps the company’s issues with Google and access to Android, there are still other firms to worry about on the hardware side of things.

These include the likes of Qualcomm and Intel, both of whom supply silicon for other Huawei devices, not to mention their 5G offerings.

As such the launch of its own OS is only one of the hurdles that Huawei needs to negotiate in coming months. That said, it’s clear that Huawei is backing itself to come out shining from this saga.