The HBO miniseries Chernobyl, about the real disaster, has rightfully garnered almost universal praise for its acting, set design, tone and accuracy. That last point is particularly important given the nature of the event and the need to be factual despite the fact that the show is a dramatisation.

There’s been many pieces of content created since the show aired comparing its accuracy against the history books, and now we can see it in video thanks to one created by the YouTube channel Thomas Flight.

This comparison video plays key scenes from the show alongside historical footage from the ground of Chernobyl.

It’s immediately clear that the people behind the show also watched this footage and tried to make their programme as close as they possibly could to reality, especially when it comes to set design and costuming.

If the show didn’t sufficiently hammer home the fact that its events happened a few decades ago, this will.

The last episode of the show does its own version of this comparison with a “where are they now?” epilogue that also explains some changes they made. This video (embedded below) can be seen as an extension of that.

If you’re reading this because you’re interested about the show but still haven’t watched it, then you’re missing out as is. It is one of the best pieces of media we’ve seen in a long time and is genuinely unsettling without being disrespectful to the real events or the people involved in them.

With only five episodes about an hour-long each, it won’t take up too much of your time and you can get through it in a weekend.

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