While everyone is talking about Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077 and the fact that he thinks we’re all breathtaking, we’re going back to the John Wick franchise for a pair of 3D prints from the maker community.

User T-E-C is once again the one behind this project of recreating the gold coins and blood oath marker that we’ve seen on-screen a few times already. We recently featured T-E-C for their print of the double-bladed sword Thanos was swinging around in Endgame.

Starting with the coins and they are, like the sword, modelled in Fusion 360. Despite their small size they took around an hour to complete here given the complexity of the crests and designs on each side.

Reference material used here was simply pictures from the first two movies as no high quality images from the third exist as yet.

Printing of the handful of coins you see here took around eight hours to complete with each coin being two separate parts (for each face) which then need to be glued together.

Gold filament can be used here to negate the need for painting, but they can be made more metallic by doing such things or splurging on a filament that has metal in it.

The files to make your own coins can be found on MyMiniFactory for free, but please don’t try to spend your plastic coins at any Continental branch. We’re not sure what the punishment for coin counterfeiting is but we can’t imagine it’s very nice.

The blood oath marker was made in much the same way as the gold coins using references from the first two movies in Fusion 360.

Due to the larger nature of the print and the fact that it is actually two separate pieces, this process took slightly longer at one and half hours.

One marker took two hours to print with the prop having a diameter of nine centimetres and, for comparison, the gold coins are five centimetres in diameter.

Again, little finishing work was needed here but some chrome paint was applied to make it loom metallic and watered down black paint was applied to add in some weathering.

Of course some blood was needed here but none was spilled as a some red spray paint onto a finger was more than enough to get the same effect. The print is also lacking the spike which can be seen at the top of the marker for what we can only assume is a safety measure.

All that being said, there is a nice little detail here as one of the fingerprints is slightly darker denoting the fact that it is older, with the second print being more vibrant and recent to show that the marker was recently honoured.

The marker is also available to download for free from MyMiniFactory.

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